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Florence is the capital city of the region of Tuscany and its rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage make it one of the main tourist destinations in Italy and Europe.
Founded in the first century A.C. by the Romans, Florence has been through many prosperous and dark periods. The city experienced the battles between the Guelphs and Ghibellines, it was a Commune and then a "Signoria" under the Medici during the Renaissance. It was part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany first with the Medici and then under the Lorraines during the 18th century, up until it became a part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. Cimabue, Dante Alighieri, Giotto, Brunelleschi, Donatello, Botticelli and Michelangelo are just a few of the famous Tuscan artists who contributed to making Florence such a beautiful and important city in the world.


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Visit Florence, Italy - 425 Clicks TuscanyRank 5
Visit Florence, Italy - www.visitflorence.com -
Tourist guide about Florence with useful tips about the city main attractions and events, reviews of accommodations and restaurants.
Comune di Firenze - 1092 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Comune di Firenze - www.comune.fi.it -
The official site for the City of Florence, with lots of information on the city administration, services and initiatives. The site has useful addresses and numbers for public offices, as well as an exhaustive list of all types of current events in Florence. Unfortunately, only the "tourism" section is available in English.
Florence Accommodation.com Lodging guide - 547 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Florence Accommodation.com Lodging guide - www.florenceaccommodation.com -
Guide to accommodations and holiday rentals in Florence including hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments and more. Offers an informational page for every accommodation reviewed with direct links to the properties websites.
Florence International Airport - Amerigo Vespucci - 1287 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Florence International Airport - Amerigo Vespucci - www.aeroporto.firenze.it -
Florence's airport offers useful information on the airlines which fly in and out of Florence, scheduled flights, offers and general check-in information. Airport services, ways to get to and from the airport and rental car information are also available. A section contains recent press releases and statistics.
Florence Tourist Office - 1127 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Florence Tourist Office - www.firenzeturismo.it -
Official site of the tourism board for the city. Here one can find lots of information of the history of the city's art treasures, itineraries for exploring the city and the surrounding area as well as a list of events. Also contains links to accommodation and restaurant listings.
History of Florence - 593 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
History of Florence - www.storiadifirenze.org -
This portal, managed by a group of academics at the University of Florence, provides resources on the history of the city of Florence for anyone wishing to study it in detail. The site includes an events calendar, as well as bibliographies, publications, documents and critiques originally published in the reviews of the site. A chronology section includes a detailed timeline signalling events in Florence since the Roman period. A web archive collects volumes and essays on the history of Florence.
Pitcher e Flaccomio Real Estate - 6521 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Pitcher e Flaccomio Real Estate - www.pitcherflaccomio.com -
Real estate agency specialized in short and long-term apartment rentals in Florence and Tuscany. The agency also manages and sells properties, although the vacation rental listings have a wider selection. The site outlines its services, fees and offers a monthly newsletter on Florence and Tuscany events.
ATAF - Public Transportation in Florence - 993 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
ATAF - Public Transportation in Florence - www.ataf.net -
Essential reference site for anyone wishing to move about Florence within and beyond the historical center. The site contains information on bus routes, maps and time schedules, as well as important details on deviations and strikes.
Florence Marathon - 677 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Florence Marathon - www.firenzemarathon.it -
General information on rules, participation, costs, and course map of the annual event held in Florence. Photos and statistics on past marathons as well as links to other events organized by the same committee. The site is useful for anyone interested in participating in the marathon.
Lazzi Bus - 5294 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Lazzi Bus - www.lazzi.it -
Offers bus transportation beyond Florence to cities such as Prato, Viareggio, La Spezia, Lucca, Pisa, Montecatini and Arezzo. It also offers urban service within the cities of Empoli and Montecatini. The site includes routes, time schedules and fare information as well as locations where tickets can be purchased.
Pitti Immagine - 468 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Pitti Immagine - www.pittimmagine.com -
Official site for Pitti Immagine presents the various international fashion trade fairs and events organized in Florence and Milan. The site includes a calendar and information on the events, information on the exhibition spaces and a rich photographic collection.
Accademia dei Georgofili - 362 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Accademia dei Georgofili - www.georgofili.it -
The Academy has long been dedicated to the protection of the enviroment and progress in the sciences, particularly as applied to agriculture, since its creation in 1753. The site includes news on the Academy, its history, academic board and members. Among its services, the site provides an online catalog of publications by the Academy and a catalog of resources found in its library, with instructions for consulting the material. The site also includes details on the Academy's activities and events.
Biblioteca Riccardiana - 325 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Biblioteca Riccardiana - www.riccardiana.firenze.sbn.it -
The Riccardian Library is located in the Palazzo Medici Riccardi in the center of Florence. The site includes a brief history of the Riccardi family and the beginning of their private collection of manuscripts and books which became a state library in 1815. A section explains how to access and consult the collection, with opening hours and library regulations. A list of the catalogs, publications and projects can be viewed online; the online catalog is only available under the Italian version.
District of San Lorenzo - 462 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
District of San Lorenzo - www.sanlorenzo.firenze.it -
Dedicated to the San Lorenzo district in Florence's city center, the site presents three itineraries to get to know the area well. Each of the itineraries has a detailed history of buildings and streets, giving a special insight into the neighborhood.
Florence Weather - Yahoo.com - 1827 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Florence Weather - Yahoo.com - weather.yahoo.com/forecast/ITXX0028.html -
Local five day weather forecast provided by Yahoo's Weather service. Links take you to the weather forecast of nearby cities.
Florence Workshops - 590 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Florence Workshops - www.firenzebotteghe.it -
Official site for natural commercial centers in Florence presents shops, artisan workshops and businesses offering services along the main commercial streets in the city. The centers are presented by area, with a list of the shops and brief descriptions of each. The site also includes the latest news and calendar of events organized by the shops.
Florence's Planetarium - 642 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Florence's Planetarium - www.planetario.fi.it/ita/ -
The site presents the planetarium and activities organized within the structure, including lessons and guided visits and conferences to schools and to the public. The site includes a calendar for visits, and sections with a history of astronomy and a section dedicated to kids for learning about the universe.
Historical Businesses in Florence - 751 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Historical Businesses in Florence - www.esercizistorici.it -
Site dedicated to the historical businesses in Florence, including restaurants and shops in the city. It is possibile to view the shops by type of activity as well as by location or by name. A section suggests historical itineraries to follow in the center of Florence and news on the businesses and promotions offered.
International Handicrafts Trade Fair - 934 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
International Handicrafts Trade Fair - www.mostraartigianato.it -
The annual fair is a window and market for handicraft items produced in Tuscany, Italy and other countries. The Fortezza da Basso's trade area hosts the fair that last for a whole week, and here you can find information on products and exhibits, as well as useful details for anyone interested in participating.
Winter in Florence - 546 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Winter in Florence - www.invernoafirenze.it -
Designed to promote events occuring in the city of Florence during the winter months, when there are less activities and visitors to the city. For anyone who finds themselves in Florence during the winter, this site collects the details of exhibitions, concerts and manifestations one might wish to attend with contact information.
Rivoire - 356 Clicks TuscanyRank 1
Rivoire - www.rivoire.it -
Website for one of the historical cafes in Florence, located in Piazza Signoria. The site presents the history of the cafe and the production of its artisan products.
National Central Library in Florence - 344 Clicks unrated: our staff has not yet rated this site
National Central Library in Florence - www.bncf.firenze.sbn.it -
Information on the library, with possibility to search catalog online, and details on services, hours, method of consultation, news and current progects. Site is only in Italian.
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