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Firenze Musei - Florence Museum Network - 2414 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Firenze Musei - Florence Museum Network - -
The site serves as a portal to the major museums in Florence. Each of the thirteen museums that form the network has a section on the museum's collection, its history and useful information for visiting the museum such as visiting hours and booking details. An events section highlights major exhibitions taking place in Florence, describing the exhibition, hours and ticket costs: the section in Italian is kept up-to-date while the English language version is quite dated. Another section has a list of proposed artistic-themes itineraries through the city's museums while a final shopping section offers a wide variety of souvenirs imprinted with some of the museum collections most well-known artistic masterpieces. Overall, a site that provides a good starting point from which to visit the city's major museums.
Florence's Duomo: Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore - 1288 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Florence's Duomo: Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore - -
Historical details of the cathedral, baptistry and bell tower of Florence's world-reknown square. Includes the history of the church chapter, liturgical schedule and details on important festivals which take place at the Duomo. The photos could have been larger in some sections in order to see what the accompanying text describes but, overall, the site contains a lot of interesting information and offers a quick look into an incredible work of art, history and imagination.
Institute and Museum of the History of Science - 344 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Institute and Museum of the History of Science - -
Aside from general details on visiting hours, ticket prices and contact information, the site contains detailed information on the museum's collections and its history, virtual tours of past exhibitions, and a listing of current and past research activities and publications. Additionally, the section dedicated to the institute's library includes information on accessing the library's collections and archives with the possibility of searching the collection online.
Maggio Musicale Fiorentino - 414 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Maggio Musicale Fiorentino - -
Each year, Florence hosts the famous music festival called Maggio Musicale Fiorentino from the end of April until the end of June. The festival's calendar consists of concerts, operas and ballet performances by groups from across the world. The theatre foundation also performs year round with its opera season, its concerts and ballets and in the summer with concerts held in the Boboli Gardens. You'll find the present and next season's calendar as well as information on ticket prices, a brief history of the theatre and festival and details on the members and directors of the foundation, chorus and orchestra. Finally, the ticket section gives a list of places and online sites from where tickets and passes can be purchased.
Teatro della Pergola - 568 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Teatro della Pergola - -
Presentation of the current season's program of opera, concerts and plays, complete with details on each performance including main plot, actors and comments. Performance calendar, with show times, prices and season pass information. One cannot buy tickets online, but there are links to other sites which sell tickets. The site also includes a detailed history of the theater. Unfortunately, the site is only available in Italian at the moment.
Uffizi Gallery - 2945 Clicks TuscanyRank 4
Uffizi Gallery - -
Official website for one of the most famous museums in the world. The Uffizi can be visisted virtually by following a map that lets you see a list of the contents of each room, a few of the paintings or sculptures include photographs and brief descriptions of the work. You can also view the pieces of art contained in the museum by following the alphabetical list of artists or the index of historical periods by nationality. The site also contains general information on opening hours, rates and contact details, as well as a concise history of the museum and its buildings. The site is not easy to navigate and the graphical aspect is quite disappointing, as well as the fact that you cannot view all of the works of art housed in the famous Uffizi.
Accademia Gallery - 886 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Accademia Gallery - -
One of the two most visited museums in Florence, the Accademia's most important piece is Michelangelo's "David". Information on opening times, the collection and a map of the museum that allows you to read about the works of art housed in each of its rooms.
Bargello National Museum - 454 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Bargello National Museum - -
The museum is housed in the impressive 13th century palace that used to be the seat of the Podestà and, later, a prison. The museum's main collection consists of Renaissance sculptures, with masterpieces by Donatello, Michelangelo and Cellini. Site contains main contact and visiting information.
Estate Fiesolana - 559 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Estate Fiesolana - -
Official site for the Fiesole summer program of cultural events held at the Roman Theater in Fiesole and nearby areas. The complete calendar is presented, with details on each of the events taking place in the areas of music, cinema, dance, theater and opera. Contains useful information on reaching event venues and on lcoations where tickets can be purchased.
Florence Art Fashion - Artisans in Florence - 300 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Florence Art Fashion - Artisans in Florence - -
Portal maintained by the City of Florence which lists all of the various types of Florentine artisans, in particular in the fashion sector.
Opificio delle Pietre Dure and Restoration Laboratory - 104 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Opificio delle Pietre Dure and Restoration Laboratory - -
The OPD institute began its restoration practice in Florence in the late 19th century after centuries of work on semiprecious stones. In addition to a museum displaying its artistic semiprecious stone production, it is also the location of a state conservation school, a research center and laboratory and a specialized library in the area of conservation. The site contains details on the history of the institute and on all activities carried out in the field of restoration and conservation.
Palazzo Medici Riccardi - 313 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Palazzo Medici Riccardi - -
Website for the Medici-Riccardi Palace in Florence presents the historical building which today often hosts contemporary art exhibits. A section offers a detailed outline of the history of palace, from its building up to modern times, while another is dedicated to presenting the museum and its various rooms. Another section offers information on current and past exhibitions. Finally, the site provides information on visiting hours and ticket costs.
Saschall - 351 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Saschall - -
Website for the Saschall Theatre located along the Arno River east of the historical center. The site presents the history of the theatre, which has been in its present location since 1978, and its internal spaces used for plays, congresses, concerts and fairs. The site includes a calendar of programed events and event ticket costs, with links to online ticket vendors.
Superintendant Board of Artistical and Historical Heritage - 269 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Superintendant Board of Artistical and Historical Heritage - -
The board is the main body that supervises, preserves and supports the artistic patrimony of the provinces of Florence, Pistoia and Prato. The body also coordinates 18 public museums on which you'll find general descriptions, photographs of collections, general hours, prices and contact information. A searchable database contains detailed information on the collection of photographs and works of art in the three provinces. Some parts of the site are only available in Italian.
Teatro Verdi in Firenze - 670 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
Teatro Verdi in Firenze - -
Here you will find the history of the 19th century theater, as well as technical specifications. The program has details on the current season's performances, concerts and shows and a section has information on times and ticket prices. A map describes the theater's location while a virtual visit of the theater allows you to visit the theater from your own home.
The Pitti Palace - 796 Clicks TuscanyRank 3
The Pitti Palace - -
Home to five unique museums: Palatine Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Costume Gallery, the Medici Treasury and Porcelain Museum. Behind the palace lie the Boboli Gardens, one of the earliest Italian gardens famous for its fountains and grottoes. Site contains useful information for visiting the various museums, with a brief introduction on the collections.
Bardini and Peyron Foundation - 129 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Bardini and Peyron Foundation - -
The site presents the Villa Peyron and the Bardini garden, including history, maps, entry fees and photographs. The site no longer has an English version.
Casa Buonarroti - 256 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Casa Buonarroti - -
The Museum of the House of Buonarroti collects works of art and documents of the famous Michelangelo. The site contains a map of the museum, with details on the works of art located in each of the rooms. The site includes opening hours, museum location and indications for reserving a guided visit.
Natural History Museum - 189 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Natural History Museum - -
Site for the museum in Florence presents the various parts of the museum: anthropology, botany, geology, paleontology, zoology and mineralogy. The site contains address and visiting hours for the various sections of the museum, as well as information on events and other organized activities. Some of the collections are presented with brief introductions and photographs. Only some parts of the site are in English.
Palazzo Strozzi - 128 Clicks TuscanyRank 2
Palazzo Strozzi - -
The Renaissance palace in the center of Florence is an exhibition center. The site has general and historical information on the palace as well as photographs, with details on current exhibits and a calendar with upcoming events.
Friends of Florence - 217 Clicks TuscanyRank 1
Friends of Florence - -
Website for a US-based non profit foundation whose patrons fund select renovation projects in Florence. The site presents the association's mission, completed and current restoration projects, a project wishlist and programs for the patrons hosted in Florence.
Teatro Puccini - 412 Clicks TuscanyRank 1
Teatro Puccini - -
Website of the Puccini Theatre in Florence presents the current season calendar, with details on passes and ticket cost for single events. The information on the plays is minimal and only in Italian.
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